okay before I share the title of my favorite blog let me explain..

remember when we used to say "fugly" (unfortunately I still say it) when something was really ugly :)?

well this blog is called go fug yourself

will seriously ignite rolling laughter within your soul.

I love funny people- I mean to be funny in person and to make people laugh means you are uber talented. But to be a friggin hilarious writer, well I'm in awe....and only wish I was half as funny as these two girls.

When I need a break from seriousness I visit their blog and am sure to read something that will give a good chuckle. Not because they're making fun of celebrities but because they're just so funny :)

go check em out, I love the "random fug"

if you get a good laugh leave me a comment :)


ksenija said...

thank YOU for reminding me that i needed to rss feed to this --- so fabulously funny! :D you are the best!

akaJezebel said...

Ok, so I laughed out loud numerous times!!