my good friend Jennifer Lyons is a private chef for a downtown company. Her job is to cook and prepare the meals for the top dogs. She is super talented at what she does and I'm so excited that I could not only shoot her beautiful food, but snap a few of her as well.

Isn't she gorgeous?!

This is a shot of one of her many beautiful windows in her kitchen. I thought the way the light hit the oven was magical.

{I caught her using the oven to put her gloss on as she prepared for her shoot :)
Thank you so much Jen! Love you!


Hayley said...

What a great change of pace! Not only can you shoot people, but food too! I love the pic of her putting on the lipgloss :)

Damion & Julie Hamilton said...

OMG those yellow and red tomato's with the fresh basil.....YUM!! Ok..this is just wrong...now I'm starving!

Love your work Heather!!


ksenija said...