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am I a good blogger lately?!

so this is Christine and Johnathan stars of the new engagement sign in book! I had a lot of fun shooting these two. First we started at the train yard and got some seriously hot pictures. Then went onto some of my favorite bright walls that went famously well with Christine's skirt.

Christine is stunningly gorgeous!

this effect was done in camera. I wanted us to get a sense of them truly walking away from us...

by the way her dad is in the process of building a sweet new wedding venue called the
Piazza go check it out.


ksenija said...

love, love LOVE -- that first image is way stellar & i adore the use of color & sunflare. so hot!!

ps. you are definitely such a good blogger lately!!

Anonymous said...

Heather! I love, love, LOVE them!!! Can't wait to see them all :)
christine and jon

shawnreeder said...

Wow Heather!! These are gorgeous! Love them!!

Jessica Del Vecchio said...

Heather, these are HOT! Really fabulous job - you totally rocked this one! LOVE IT!

Mandy@Mandy Hank Photography said...

Heather- these are great- love the first shot and yes she is beautiful. Can't wait to see the wedding images

Damion & Julie Hamilton said...

First shot is Saweeeeet!. Did you get the effect in camera with a technique using your zoom lens?
Just curious. Beautiful work as expected. I check your stuff out by suggestion of my wife who was born and raise in Texas! She just can't get away from her roots.


Heather said...

hey guys thank you for your kind words!

Damion- It's tough to get away from TX. Unless your from here you just can't understand the attachment we have to this great state!

The shot was taken with my wide angle lens. I shot with a high aperture and bumped my shutter speed down to allow for a longer exposure. When shooting I quickly zoomed in while the shutter was open to achieve the movement. Hope that makes sense :)

Damion & Julie Hamilton said...

Yeah...I'm a California boy since birth and I'm sure I'll never understand...but the three times I've been there...Texas has some beautiful country.

Thanks for the detailed information. I'm actually very familiar with the technique and it was just as I thought it was...just wondered if you did it a different way. Perhaps....shoot at 1/20th while running toward your subject and just hope you nail the focus! :) Ha!

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I love them! Heather, I am so happy we found you!
Annette (Christine's mom)

Cristina said...

YOU ROCK!!! Those are hot!