Well as you see I'm on my way to a whole new look! My new blog and new websites are WAY over due!! I still can't decide if I like my logo or not so that may be changing soon as well.

Oh living in the mind of an artist can be so confusing sometimes ;)

I will also be introducing an office manager very soon. This way I can focus on what I'm best at and that's the creative stuff. No worries it is imperative to me that my business always stay personal and intimate, so I will still be talking face to face with my clients.

stay tuned... it's exciting!!!

And if any of you know of an up and coming artist that has a great sound let me know. I'm looking for that perfect song to go with my website, and would love to help spread the word about him or her. Nothing too crazy now it has to go well with my work :)



Jessamyn Harris said...

heather, I love your new blog header! I've been trying to get myself to work on mine for weeks, you've just inspired me to get crackin'! :)

Jessica Del Vecchio said...

Love the new look, Heather! Happy 2008!

Karen Mikols said...

WOWSERS, Heather!

Can't wait to see everything else you have up your sleeve!

ps-talk to Shawn Reeder about music .... he has some stuff up HIS sleeve!

ksenija said...

Heather!!! LOVE the new look of your blog & header image! muy cool. :D SOOO excited for you & all the wonderful things to come.

Heather said...

thank you guys!