breckenridge.wedding.{Tif + Michael}

Wow was CO beautiful!!! Jim and I were just sincerely humbled at God's creation. And Jim really excited to go skiing. He was the perfect assistant :)

Tifani and Michael had the most beautiful wedding in Breckenridge CO on Dec 1. It was sunny and slightly warm the day before and the day after their wedding. However....on their very special day the clouds opened up and dumped a foot of snow on us. Um... it was a stinkin blizzard for most of the day. A really gorgeous blizzard but not desired while shooting outside. (ya kinda have to laugh at that don't you Tif?!) Lucky for me it stopped just long enough to get some fun shots of the guys and girls before the ceremony but I wasn't so lucky afterwards. If you look closely you'll be able to see big snow flurries in a lot of the images outside. It was magical, and it did make for some really neat images.

We turned the town upside down and shot in the streets (I nearly got ran over stopping traffic) , next to buildings, and finally I followed the two of them up the ski lift. They had the cutest "just got married" sign on the back of the lift.

I then decided we needed to wade in 4 ft of snow by the trees at the top of the lift to get some killer shots of the two of them. So glad we did that!

It was my first destination wedding and now I'm hooked. I love shooting in new places! Weddings are already a challenge but traveling to shoot in a new place + a wedding, now that's a challenge I'm up for. And really an honor that they thought enough of me to bring me all the way there! Thank you so much Tifani and Michael. I can't say enough nice things about you and your families and your friends!

Slide Show coming shortly!


Tifani said...

HEATHER!!! I'm so excited to see your beautiful work! You did a fabulous job and I'm pumped to see the rest. :) Thank you so much for the preview and your time! And yes, I found the pouring snow on my wedding day very comical! It never stopped, did it?? You sure were a trooper to stick it out with us. You are the BEST!

Tracy Bohannan said...

WOW! Fun snowy pictures. What a chance to go and shoot in CO. Your images are looking killer as usual.

I love the look of the blog. How did you get it? I really want to give my blog a makeover,let me know. Thanks!

Tara said...

Your work blows me away. I know it can be challenging shooting in the snow but you rocked it. The bridal party shot and the umbrella shot of the B&G are great!!!

Jessica Del Vecchio said...

These are just absolutely gorgeous!! I can't even pick a favorite because I just love them all so much. Your work just blows me away each and every time!!

ksenija said...

Heather -- absolutely STUNNING! love the way you laid everything out... tells the story of their day in the most beautiful way. How awesome that they "played" in the snow with you -- just love it! :D I second what Tara says about the bridal party shot and umbrella shot - so wayyy awesome!! rock on wit your bad self sista. ;)

Heather said...

hey gals! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment...you all are such an encouragement!

Mandy/Mandy Hank Photography said...

Heather, I love the shot on the ski lift. I'm so jealous, we never get snow here in Phoenix :(
Great job!!!!

Karen Mikols said...


Kansas is a destination ... ;-)~

ps-digging the BIG BAD blog photo size!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are amazing! Everyone looks so good. I am so happy for those guys! These pictures will be cherished.