Letterpress unveiled...

So as most of you know I've been crazy busy running my photography business along with starting my Posh Spot business {invitations & stationery} I think I'm a little ambitious but the Lord has placed this passion in my heart for both, so I'm going for it.
Last week as I sat hand making these letterpress anniversary invitations I found myself just tickled to death that someone is paying me for my invitations! I remember as a kid always hand making each card and cutting and pasting, and drawing. And to fast forward to now I never thought I would be lucky enough to make a business out of the things I love. That's so humbling to me.

Two things:
1) I'm currently working on websites for both Heather Essian Portrait Arts and Posh spot so expect an announcement soon. My goal is to release both of them by November. They will be so wonderful!
2) I will be releasing a new line of Letterpress printed invitations. These are super chic and oh so beautiful. Here is the definition~ Letterpress printing is the oldest printing technique, in which a raised surface is inked and then pressed against a smooth substance to obtain an image in reverse.

If you were to see these machines that we use to print with you would think it was a part of an old train. They are over 100 years old. He actually makes a mold of the wording and design in reverse and then presses it with ink into each paper. I design a monogram that is used on either the invitation itself or on the reply cards, and then on anything else, for example: Hayley, the bride below will use this monogram to also order letterpress printed coasters as gifts for her guests. And when it's all said and done each couple gets the exact mold that was used for their monogram as a keep sake. It all sounds so romantic to me. I will be posting Hayley's gorgeous set next week.

Please feel free to email me or leave a comment for more info.


Heather said...

i like hearing what you think... lets chat :)

Joe said...

Hey just wanted to say that I think you're work is great and the stationary looks awesome! I'm confident you'll succeed, with some determination and God behind you, you can go places!

Karen Mikols said...


I'm seriously excited about this. I'll probably get married in the next year, so when you get things finalized, PLEASE shoot me a PDF (or better yet, sample pack) of these so I can meditate over them.


Amanda said...

You are amazing. I first saw your work with Cassie and James' engagement pictures. I was beyond impressed! I'm from DFW but we are in the DC/NoVA area. (My husband is in the military) If you ever find yourself near this area, I would just LOVE to have you capture my family! I'm in love with your vision of photography and have bookmarked your blog just to see your work as it comes! God has blessed you with some talent, girl! Thanks for sharing!!