Hayley's Bridals

Donna, Hayley's mom was nice enough to email pics that she took while we were shooting. It's always funny seeing yourself on the other side of the camera. I'm like "do I really sit like that when I'm shooting?" What a dork :) Thank you Donna! And a big thank you to Ally, Hayley's friend for her help. Yes we did carry that couch all over the place.

Hayley looks stunning in her beautiful wedding dress from I do off of Camp Bowie. She has the perfect hair, the perfect makeup~(by Hilaree Hawkins) and the perfect dress with the perfect figure and a great look to pull it all off. We had so much fun just trompin around downtown for her portraits. I found this AMAZING pink wall, who paints a wall pink? But I was lovin it! I think it works perfectly for bridals. I just love Hayley and her sweet mom to death, They've been so much fun to work with. I'm currently working on Hayley's super chic letterpress printed invitations. Stay tuned to see their debut. Oh and the sneak peek slide show will be up soon.



Anonymous said...

Heather - You are incredible! What fun that evening was. I'm so happy Hayley has found you to preserve this special time for her - she does look beautiful!

Hayley said...

I didn't know I could look that pretty!!! You are amazing!!!


Donna said...

Hayley & Heather, Oh.... Hayley... these are fantastic! I KNEW (along with your family) you were this pretty and the pictures show just how beautiful you are. Heather, as Hayley stated, your work is absolutely amazing!
Donna Christman

Cristina said...

I think I am becoming your first groupie! :)

Pink wall, beautiful bride, how could you go wrong?


Anonymous said...

Hayley - these pics brought tears to my eyes - they are absolutely gorgeous!!! Heather, you've been blessed with quite a talent - I am in awe of all of your work.

Heather said...

oh I love all of you ;)!!!

It's hard not to get amazing pics with Hayley.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful bride!! Thanks for including me on this occasion! I LOVE YOU HAY HAY! :) ~Ali