BIG Family

Oh my goodness I got to shoot my friend Jodi and her family of 30...yes 30. At first I was like "are ya kidden, you want me to take pictures of YOUR WHOLE STINKIN FAMILY?!!" But I was up for the challenge and let me tell you, they could not have been an easier bunch to work with! So much fun! I've known Jodi for a while now (I owe my whole career to this girl, she taught me everything I know in Photo Shop!) I knew how much I loved to be around Jodi but I see where she gets her fun loving attitude from, they all had the best personalities, I truly enjoyed myself! And what a beautiful family at that! Thank you Bennet family!

This first image is one of my favorites...I love Hannah's expression.


akaJezebel said...

I love these!!! My faves are the two in color!! My Aunt Jean has the BEST LEGS!!! You did a wonderful job, H!!

Thanks also for your comments about us! We had fun!! (Although, I was a real Jezebel that day!)

Jessica Del Vecchio said...

These are fabulous, Heather! I love them all! Great job with such a huge crowd!

Anonymous said...

Thanks girls!! You are both such great cheerleaders!

Anonymous said...

Heather, you are so talented! Thanks so much. I too think my Aunt Jean has the BEST LEGS! It's so not fair! ...OK all better now.
Thanks again!