I love band pictures!!!! This past week I had the pleasure of shooting a local band and it was awesome! I get to be edgy and creative with band pictures...not that I don't always push the envelope with all my sessions but when I shoot bands I know I can let it all hang out ;) THANK YOU Tim, Mike, Donny, Bethany, & Larry!

this was a really cool box metal thing inside this old wharehouse...it was pitch dark in there, homeless people live in this old wharehouse and the tin roof was making a bunch of scary noises...umm...Heather why are you risking our lives? I'm sure that's what they were thinking. But it was safe, atleast that's what I always tell myself when I have a cool shot in mind. It made for some pretty cool images!

one of my favorite images of the day...that's a weird weed thing ;)


Cristina said...

Very Cool!

Aronda Martin said...

You are an amazing photographer. You are a truly gifted artist and I really enjoy your work.