New print options

Okay I'm a HUGE fan of simply displayed prints. I think there's a place for gold swirly frames but definitely think that some frames can take away from a beautiful image.

So I'm introducing Stretched Canvas prints and Mounted prints. These prints are amazing and so clean! They really let the special shot speak for themselves.

This is a sample of a print printed on Canvas and then stretched around a 2.5" frame. So beautiful and classic!

These next two shots are of a 20x20 print on Metallic paper. With this mounting and the metallic paper combination you get an amazing modern print.

1 comment:

Jodi said...

Did you use Simply Canvas for your gallery wrap? Thier frames are only 1.5" deep. If you got a 2.5" deep canvas from somewhere else please tell me!!! I must know!!!

These look great!!! I can't wait for the gala!!