Back home!

We're back!! It was so nice visiting MI. It wasn't too cold while we were there. On Sun. we went to the St. Patricks Day parade in Detroit. It was sunny and beautiful! Here's some shots from that day.

I just had to take this shot. Do you see the little boy 2nd to the left? So cute!

yep that's a green horse you see!

these were just some fun shots I grabbed around Detroit during the parade. I love shooting fine art stuff in Detroit because it has so much character.

some of the crew below...

Jimmy and all of his cousins are such good friends. He's got an insane number of first cousins! I'm not kidding, you would not believe it! They are so close that the cousins from his mom and dad's side all get together and hang out. I really admire that.

above- my hot hubby Jim and Me!

My dear friend Adela! We had so much fun shopping and hangin out all week. I'm always excited to see her and spend girly time with her!

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Jodi said...

Much fun!!! I love your fine art prints!! This is a great way to earn extra income if you decide to sell them. It'll more than likely be just a little extra money here and there but it's more than you had when you started, right!?!?

Oh, and the little boy is cute but he's second from the right. :) (I couldn't resist that one!)