baby elly!

isn't she a doll?! i photographed elly's parents wedding a year and a half ago, and now get to photograph sweet elly. thank you hayley and kris for allowing me to photograph your new baby girl!
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Nathaniel Thompson said...

Love both of those Heather! Especially the 2nd one.

Hayley said...

I love them more every time I see them!! You are awesome!!

Stephanie Crownover said...

How sweet is baby Elly?! I love how her cute little tongue sticks out...what a character!! Hayley, you look beautiful, mama. Awesome job as always, Ms. Heather!

Cassie said...

Hayley- what a beautiful baby girl you have! Congrats!
The pics are beautiful and sweet. I can't wait to bring any future child we may have to see you too Heather!