a few recent faves!

hello friends! i just wanted to drop a few recent favorites on the blog for you to see. i can't tell you how happy my heart is shooting family and children portraits. children portraiture is so vastly different from wedding photography that shooting both keeps things fresh. and definitely keeps me on my toes!

what i would call "natural" family moments :)
i like to fast forward 20 years and think of how special these family images will be. priceless!


Tracy Autem, President and Photographer said...

Great work, I always love how you "get" your clients. :) Did you notice they torn down some of those walls on 7th? So sad, RIP cool walls.

Jenna said...

I love family shots that involve the parents having a moment while the children interact with the camera. The chair is fabulous!

Naomi said...

you have SERIOUSLY fabulous taste in accent chairs my dear! you MUST tell me where you find these! i have 3 months to buy one :) haha!

Heather said...

hey girls! thank you!

Tracy- yes! it seems like everytime i go to a location something changes :)

jenna- i agree!

naomi- flea markets my dear. i love flea markets!

Nathaniel Thompson said...

Great family photos! They've got to be thrilled!

ksenija said...

these are BEAUTIFUL my friend! wonderful work as always. :)