europe images!!!!

hello friends! i wanted to keep my bloggin' streak going so i decided to share some personal images from our trip to europe for korrie and landon's beautiful wedding! enjoy these few for now but trust me there are many many more to come! i think the number is around 500 images left to share to be exact :)

this image above was taken in france!

this bw striped church makes me want to jump up and down with excitement...where else can you find a striped church but in italy??? this church has inspired me with my interior decorating ;) i think i'll make get a big canvas print made of it to go in our living room.

this lantern image has a funny story. jim and i went to this really really old pub in barcelona and above a table filled with people hung this lantern. i, looking like a dork walked right up to the table to photograph it. i knew if i didn't i would regret it. i'm glad i did!

this was also taken in barcelona (right outside the old pub in fact) i just love the way the light glows around the scooter below.

if you see any images here you would like for a personal artist print please contact me! i can't think of anything better then sharing my art with you all :)

i'm off to celebrate mine and jim's 5 yr wedding anniversary! it's really feb 1 but unfortunately i was at home sick in bed...so today the celebration begins woo hooo! i love you my sweet boy!


ksenija said...

girl! GORGEOUS as always. thanks for sharing these... makes you feel like you were there. :D the first one is my toptop fave -- almost magical/whimsical!

Lynn said...

Hope you had a great anniversary, Heather! How fun is it to see more blog posts from you! Love!

Studio222 Photography said...

This makes me so jealous! I cannot wait to go back to Europe! :)