how. jimmy. boy. ALMOST. got .his .cowboy .boots

Let me just say it's super hot to have a husband who can laugh at himself. I love you my sweet city Yankee!

Well as most of you know my husband Jim is from MI. In the last couple of months he's acquired a TX drivers license, TX plates, a pair of working boots, and a TX phone number...it's about time honey it's been 2 years. Oh! And he even went four wheeling and gun shooting on a friends ranch a few weeks back!

Let me just set the scene for you:

Jimmy comes running in the house and this is what unfolded after...

JIM: "Babe there's a dead animal in our garage!" "A dead raccoon!"

ME: Thinking to myself I better go access the situation

I walk outside to our garage to find Jim standing with a shovel and gloves in his hands

ME: "That's a possum."
JIM: "What do I do, I'm not touchin that thing!"
ME: Thinking "I have to go get my camera, this is going to be good!"

Out I come with camera in hand
ME: "Babe, I want to blog about your bravery"

I proceed to plead with him that it's mind over matter, "pretend it's a brick" I explain. After my coaching wasn't working I expressed to him that I would pick up the dead possum. He handed me the shovel and the gloves and said "Gladly, I will never live this down but I don't care!"

(me sporting my new short haircut that's not quite grown on me yet)

So mind over matter, I swiped the possum up by it's tail and shoved it into the garbage bag as fast as possible. I couldn't bare but to only show the possum in it's trash bag of a grave. And that my friends is how Jimmy Boy almost got his cowboy boots!


Kathryn Carey Spence said...

so awesome (and ridiculously laughable) that you trumped Jim in your animal removal venture. so awesome! and i LOVE the short hair!!

all the best,

Hayley said...

I love it!

Susan Solo said...

You're so cute, Heather! Possum in hand and all. And I love your hair!

ksenija said...

girl!!! great post! way too funny. :) i love, LOVE your hair though! you are too pretty for words.

Arden Prucha said...

First off - love the DO! Second off - I am going to kindly bring this wah wah wahhhh story up to Jimmy boy while we are all eating delicious raw fish to see if he is still as squirmy! Dang Yanks!

Donna said...

Heather - you're the man!! Love your short hair...Donna

Rick said...

Wow...just...wow. Jim will now be subject to my emasculating comments for the period of one month--that's his punishment. ;)

Jim said...

I cried at the movie My Girl

I have a pink shirt

I like some of the romantic comedies my wife makes me watch

I have never gone fishing

I am very comfortable with these facts, though, I did grab a beer and watch Ultimate Fighting after the possum incident to regain some masculinity. Arden, your birthday card was priceless, unfortunately its PG-13 so I cant share with everyone. Love you guys and thanks for supporting my girl.


sammy said...

The real question is, what is more embarassing: not wanting to fondle rodent carcass or actually wearing cowboy boots? I say the latter, but that's just the Michagander in me (Michaganian is also acceptable). Heather, you are hilarious and adorable and maybe I should chop off some hair too! Thanks for the inspiration. Love you two!

akaJezebel said...

Oh, he doesn't know the HALF of "never living it down!" ROTFL!!!! Hilarious!!