.what. a .lovely. day!

Hello all! Sorry for the long pause with the blog posts. We are sprinting to keep up with all of the weddings I've shot, as well as getting prepared to move into a new studio. Where do the weeks go???

I do have some exciting news...we move into the new studio on Saturday!!! We will have our first portrait session there on Monday so I'll post some pictures as soon as possible.

What will the studio offer?
Well first it will be a natural light studio (no artificial studio lighting) for me to shoot in with funky furniture, cool fabric backdrops, and still have the ability to be clean and simple for your portraits. No worries, I'm not turning into a traditional photographer the studio portraits will be just as unique and artistic. Perfect for children and babies! We will still have the option of shooting on location as well. We will also begin portrait and wedding album proofing at the studio for your ordering convenience. During this proofing session you will get to see your portraits for the first time, as well as wedding album design for the first time. We will walk you through all of our print and book options, and help you decide on the perfect prints for your home. The studio will also be a place for Wedding consultations, and portrait consultations. It's going to be great!

We are running an introductory studio special from now until the new year. This special is $175 with a $45 print credit, plan on a 30-45 minute session with me. If you would like to book a portrait session for prints and Christmas Cards this year CALL THE STUDIO today to set up your appointment. We will only be able to take on a few more sessions before Christmas, if you wait then you may have to send out New Years Cards (which I love anyway:)

And I just want to also take this time to thank all of my amazing clients for helping me grow, Kim and I are taking all the necessary steps to keep up and fine tune your experience with us. We greatly appreciate your patience and support, what a blessing!

studio: 817.989.7674

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