.sigh. home.

Gosh what a wonderful experience Europe was for Jim and me. I'm sure it's been just long enough that my little blog here has slipped your minds ;) It has been nearly three weeks since I've blogged- gasp! As much as I loved Europe, I can't tell you how much more I love home! My bed, my pup Zoe, my food, my friends....ah how sweet home is!

My body is still recovering, I don't know if I caught a bug or something over there but I have not felt like myself since we got home. However, I have had much time to reflect and I've returned inspired. You would think that Spain, France, and Italy would be what has inspired me, but while they certainly did, I am inspired because my brain has taken a break. For two weeks I didn't think about work, plans, or the stresses of everyday life. By the grace of God I did not think about these things because I really made no conscious effort not to and yet somehow my worries escaped me. I spent so much enjoyable time first with Korrie, Landon and their wonderful families, but most of all with my husband. We laughed, we were silly, we relaxed, we talked, we hiked, we marveled at the beauty of the sea, we tasted great wine, and ahem--- pretty good food (yikes I know that will make some of you mad.) It was so nice.

I've now realized the importance of taking breaks. I simply can not give my best if I'm just running myself into the ground. And I know most of you may think I'm just busy with the business which is mostly true, but really isn't life just busy??? My business, your job, church, kids, friends, family, appointments, planning. Life is so stinkin busy! The funny thing is I really didn't think I needed that kind of a break and sadly did not spend much time thinking before hand about our little vaca. because well...I was busy. Now that I've had time to process our trip and reflect on our many blessings I've become more focused. I'm excited to share with you all about what exactly I've become more focused on.

I truly hope that you will find (scratch) make some time for yourself to just be. It will help you to be a better person. And really none of us need Europe to do that.

thanks for reading this far ;)


Hayley and Sampson said...

Amen sister!! Even though Sampson misses his one true love, we are glad to have you back :)

Heather said...

oh Zoe misses Sampson Hayley! She's been crying all week, I'm not sure if it's because of Sampson or because she missed her parents ;)

Stephanie Cato said...

I hear that, Heather!!! I'm so glad you had some time for just you and hubby. I am counting the days until my honeymoon for some much needed R & R.
I'll see you on Thursday. It's gonna be a hot one...I think I might hire some big buff men to fan us during the session :)

Naomi said...

thanks heather...you always seem to have the right words to make me (and others) smile. so happy you were able to relax in such beautiful places!

Nathaniel Thompson said...

glad you're back, glad you had a chance to relax and reflect. i love being inspired photographically by your blog posts. i selfishly can't wait 'til you get blogging again.