*question for you*

Hello friends!! Okay the time for us to move into our new studio space is getting closer and closer! I can't tell you how excited I am to be able to have a space all our own that I know will help simplify things a bit for everyone.

How many of you would love to have a cute portrait of your fur-baby (ies)?!
If you're not familiar with this term I'm talking about your cats and dogs :)

Here's what I'm thinking... An affordable way to get a professional print of your baby...the new natural light studio will be perfect for this sort of a session!

Please please leave me a comment if you like this idea. Zoe will be first in line and I can't wait to have a big ole print of her cute face hanging in the studio for all to see :)

If I feel that enough people would like something like this then I'll announce a Pet Portrait special very soon.

Have a fabulous Tuesday!


Hayley said...

Love, love, love it!!!! Sampson wants his with his girlfriend :)

Heather said...

Hayley... I fear we're the only two who are obsessed with our pups.

Come on guys....all the cool kids are doing it :)

ksenija said...

ooooooh! looooove love it Heather!!!! :D

ashley kees said...

I love the idea! I would love to have a great portrait of our baby Zoe as well!

tjo russy said...

Heather~ my mom, Kamin and I would love this! We are definitely interested in professional shots of my beautiful Breck, his sister Braylee, and Bridget! You up for the challenge of shooting three yorkies together in your studio? Makes me laugh already!
Tifani Kaska-Russell