.leslie. bridals.

Whew...what a summer it's been! I want to share Leslie's bridal portraits with you because I never got the chance to when I posted her wedding images.

Isn't she stunning in that birdcage veil?? Love it!!

I feel that the sun flair added emotion and warmth to these images. That kind of light makes me want to dance and twirl in it!


*A little side note about your bridal session and why you should have one (northerners ;)*

a. It's fun to get your bridal portrait taken because when will you ever wear tulle on your head, and a dress that extravagant?

b. What if you realize you hate your shoes, hair, makeup, or bouquet?

c. It's just more practice in front of the camera.

d. no pressure the day of the wedding to get a bazillion bridal portraits because you've already taken a bazillion.

And lastly... Heather's theory on bridal portraits:

Your bridal portrait should be different, in my opinion a little fashionable. Choose a location that is completely different then your wedding. Lets be creative, and edgy. I promise we'll get a lot of "normal" shots if you will, the day of your wedding. I want you to go "oh my gosh I never thought I could look like that!" This is your opportunity to really get outside of the box. You've got nothing to lose because you'll get in that dress and veil again on your wedding day. We can both show what we can do ;)


Nathaniel Thompson said...

LOVE those sun drenched shots! Gorgeous!

Karen Mikols said...

HEY ... LOVE the new blog header!!!!!!

Heather said...

thank you Nathaniel and Karen :)

Angela Anderson Photography said...

As a Southerner I will say another good reason why women have their bridals done is from an heirloom perspective.

But I think the best reason to have bridals done (aside from just loving being photographed by someone as talented as Heather) is to get another run out of that incredible dress you know is just going to sit in your closet forever. When I buy a gown that expensive and incredible you want to bet I want it recorded as much as possible! ;)

Jessica Del Vecchio said...

Gorgeous! Love love love the first one of her twirling in the sun. It evokes so much emotion and fun!

ksenija said...

wow! those images are so warm & lovely... absolutely stunning. :)

Heather said...

thank you thank you :)!

Angela- I agree, you might as well get loads of pictures taken in that once in a lifetime dress!