.beth. + .brian. wedding!

Look who's blogging ;) I'm finally catching up from busy wedding season- slowly but surely!

I'm a lucky girl :) It's an honor to be chosen as a wedding photographer, but to have a family believe in you enough to invite you to another country to document their wedding day is just amazing! Beth and Brian's wedding was beautiful and I can't say enough nice things about them and their families. Oh... and thank you Beth for providing me with the amazing details to shoot, I could have taken pictures of those shoes all day!

a big thank you to my good friend Jennifer Towles and fellow photographer for making the trip with me.

wedding day slide show below! I heart comments!!

This was one E A R L Y morning wedding...
such a beautiful dress!!!

what a beauty!!

one of my favs...
these were shot in the aquarium that ran all underneath the Atlantis Hotel.



Naomi said...

so i came back to your blog today to show matt the new wedding post (it was THAT good!) and there was another! i officially cried watching that slideshow...what a beautiful wedding. omg!

Heather said...

Awww Naomi you're so sweet thank you! Your comments warm my heart

Arden Prucha said...

yeah you have a lot of new posts... which I LOVE!
Girl, what can I say - you are amazing and Heidi's slideshow rocks. Where's my Heather girl? I miss YOU.

Naomi said...

and you must tell me what this music is! that definitely didn't help with the tears!!! :)

Nathaniel Thompson said...

So many beautiful shots I don't know where to begin! Glad to see you posting again. I know how busy you must be.

ksenija said...

heather!!! absolutely phenominal (as always!!!) -- love, LOVE that car shot. so timeless with a mod twist. you rock girl! just beautiful.