tipper. .tuesday. on .wednesday.

On Friday we had a Fence builder come out to our house and give us a quote. He greeted me with the warmest smile. I don't know what it was about his niceness that struck me as so refreshing but just him being polite got my day off to a good start. It got me to thinking how easily we can all affect each others attitudes IN A POSITIVE WAY. I mean look he affected me so much I'm now blogging about his kindness! It makes me think of those of you who have called the office and I've had the opportunity to chat with you and we just seem to hit it off. I love that feeling! Although after we got his quote his niceness didn't stick out in my head as much ;)

On Monday I took the day off because I had to get some work done on Sunday and I went to Calico Corners (a fabric store) and just struck up the best conversation with the nicest lady there, she might teach me how to sew!!! And I left with a warmer heart then when I arrived, she was just so kind, It makes me want to sigh...

So I'm going to make a conscious effort to be a random nice girl :)



Hayley said...

Amen sista!! A kind word sure does make your day that much brighter :)

ksenija said...

i couldn't agree with you more!!! LOVE it! :D i also think that along with being nice, it is always so important to compliment people when it comes to your mind. a lot of times for some reason we just hold it in, when it needs to be let out! especially since something as simple as a compliment can completely make someone's day!