I have to thank all of you for your extended patience with me during this busy time of year! Your patience has allowed me to give the necessary attention to each and every session which is super important when it comes to my creativity! Thank you thank you!

This week my Mom has been in town from Argentina! She and my dad are missionaries over there so I don't get to see her often at all-about once a year :( Having my Mom gone makes me appreciate her love and affection even more!

Arden (my second wedding photographer) was kind enough to capture some sweet pictures of my Mom, Grandma, and me. I know we'll cherish these always!

Arden, I'm so very proud of you. I can't think of anyone else I would rather work with and have shoot my family!


ksenija said...

ummmm... can we say GORGEOUS?! what a beautiful family you all are. :)

Miss Prucha said...

Girly I was more than happy to shoot you guys. It was so simple... I had 3 Beautiful Women standing before me with a beautiful setting!
Piece O'Cake

Karen Mikols said...


Enjoy some quality R&R with the ladies!

Cristina said...

Three gorgeous women. I have a feeling this photo will be cherished for years to come.