.christina. + .joe. wedding!

Christina and Joe had a beautiful wedding, they were such a joy to work with! I had not yet met Joe until the wedding day which is unusual and he was just as fun and kind as I had imagined.

Christina and Joe I hope your wedding was all that you dreamed it would be, and thank you for allowing me to be a part of it!

The reception venue shot by Arden!

Arden was in charge of the boys and she did a fabulous job!

Christina- your father was certainly with us on your special day! :)


Tracy Bohannan said...


Amazing images! I love the little places you find. I am sure the couple love them because I think they are sweet! I especially like the ring shot and the lady bug on the hand. So fun!

Miss Prucha said...

love it as always!

Elizabeth and Frank said...
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Elizabeth and Frank said...

Wow! Terrific work Heather, especially the ones in front of the old brick building.



Karen Mikols said...


LOVE the image of Christina going down the stairs. How awesome will that look as a double truck in an album???

The ring detail photo makes me HAPPY!!!!!!

Seriously can't wait to see the art you make of Erik and my wedding!!!

willj said...

great work Heather. Your images are always so inspiring -- full of life and emotion.

You are truly a credit to this industry.


ksenija said...

absolutely GORGEOUS work Heather! i love every single image... the look, feel & love from the day is exuded throughout them all. you are AMAZING! congrats to the couple! i can't imagine how happy they must be. :D

Jessica Del Vecchio said...

You absolutely never cease to amaze me, Heather. Gorgeousness. That ring shot is inspired.

Heather said...

thank you all. Your words mean so much to me!

Christina said...

Wow. I cannot find the words to describe my emotions while seeing these images. You and Arden will forever be in our hearts. We were both so Happy on our day and you two captured it.

I just love, love, love seeing the smile on Joe's face. I told him to be Fierce..He made me proud.

As I told you earlier, You guys are blessed.

How was I so lucky to find you?... *wink wink* Thank you Cristina !!!

Thank you again and God Bless.

Cristina said...

Glad to have hooked you guys up!

Heather these are just beautiful. Your work gets better and better everytime!

KBP said...

duuuuuude! That ringshot is baller! so proud of you for all your creativity... its inspiring! Keep it up kiddo... see you down the road!