Ksen, Em, and me!

Sara France's Soiree

{Robert Evans and myself -pictured above}

Whooo!!! Vegas was a blast!

I've never met that many people that I had so much in common with. I could have stayed and talked with all of them forever. Each and every one was willing to share a piece of themselves. Gosh... I wish I could list all the amazing photographers that I met there.

Thank you to Kyle Barnes and Fred Egan for introducing us to many of the leading photographers in the country. I was pleasantly surprised at how friendly and kind they all were.

One that really sticks out is Robert Evans of Robert Evans Studios Photographer of many celebrity weddings including Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. Robert just chatted with me and my awesome roommates Ksenija and Em sharing with us how he runs things. His staff and associate shooters that work with him are equally super kind and fun!

I sat for two hours and listened to one of my favorite photographers Jesh de Rox (how cool is his name?) talk about how important it is to connect with people. Real conversations, real intimacy with those around us and how this will exude in our images. He just re-affirmed how important it is for me to connect with all of you and get to know you. That is my first passion in life- my relationships. If my images reveal your relationships and our relationship then I've done my job well.

I walked away from the experience overwhelmed, excited, and inspired! You will see a lot of great changes around here, including some sweet new products that you won't get anywhere else.

Blessings ~Heather


ksenija said...

hollah! SUCH an AWESOME time (dude!;) )!! love that photo of you & Robert Evans. :) i can't wait for next year & i, too, miss you already!

Karen Mikols said...

SERIOUSLY, my biggest regreat of the year is not going to WPPI this year. I'll be ALL OVER IT next year .. you can count me IN!

Cristina said...

I am so jealous but so glad you had a blast! I can not believe you got to hang with Robert Evans. You are officially a rock star!!