david + kim.wedding

This is Kim my new office manager and her new husband David!! I had the pleasure of shooting their wedding in January (Kim patiently waited on her wedding images so that I could get caught up) what a team player!

Their love is so real and so sweet. I got choked up when they saw each other for the first time. David had his hand behind his back waiting for his beautiful bride to be (apparently something he's always done.) She took his hand and he prayed for their new beginning together. From a distance I remember hearing him thank God for her, it was quite touching.

She got to pick out which images we featured on the blog. Here are her favorites!

I'm so proud of Arden. She was responsible for shooting the guys and did such an awesome job!


Karen Mikols said...

I swear, I stalk your blog like a fiend. I can't get enough! ;-)

I'm SO AFFIRMED when I see these photos and can't wait for you to come and work your magic here in Kansas when Erik and I get married!!!!!!!

ksenija said...

absolutely breathtaking!!!!!