It's Friday night and I'm nesting for my wedding tomorrow (erin and clay- I'm so excited!) Fridays are nest days for me. I don't like to leave my nest from about 3 pm-on. I'm gearing up the way a marathon runner would, except not quite as much movement is involved. I don't like running (ever) or moving on Fridays.

I have this horrible habit of cracking up whenever I or someone else falls (in the non brake your dome kind of way of course) So tonight I was watching America's Next Top Model "best of, or things you missed" episode. And there is a whole 5 min. clip of girls struttin there stuff on 6 inch heels FALLING ALL OVER THE PLACE! I have not laughed that hard in so long, I'm totally chuckling right now just recapping it :) I don't know what it is about people tripping that's so stinkin funny to me. I think it's how off guard it catches us. It's really quite disturbing. Just that break in our flow and then all of a sudden we're on the ground...What tha?!

Trust me I'm the first to die laughing when I trip. Watch me trip tomorrow just cause I'm laughing about it now...

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laurie said...

no no no. Love your hair!!
Laurie ann Martin