Okay y'all we're back in business! Call all you want :)

Due to switching to my new website (which still needs some design work) some of the images on my blog were lost so we'll have to re post those. And I'm trying to get used to a new email host. If for some reason you send an email and I'm not responding please don't hesitate to contact me again. I may have not received it.

Also since my phone crashed on Tuesday I've lost all my messages that were on my voicemail. Please call back if I've not returned your call on accident.

And I'm so excited to introduce you guys to my new office manager Kim. She's super sweet, you all will LOVE her. I know I will!

Have a great day!


ksenija said...

heather!!!! absolutely LOVING the new changes -- the website looks AWESOME. love the look & feel to it all, as well as the colors used! Can't wait to see all the additions you have yet to put up. :D Also ---wahoooweee! CONGRATS on your newest addition to the company --so HAPPY for you!!! happy friday, xo-ksen

Karen Mikols said...


Can't wait for you to get back in order!

Shout when you're ready to hammer out wedding details with me!