Wow what a crazy month it's been so far!!! Thank you guys so much for your patience and support. Thank you to those who's sessions I had to cancel due to my car accident. I'm so very thankful to the Lord that little Zoe and I are okay. I had my first ambulance ride/first potty in a bed pan/first I.V. experience on Tuesday night and I'm glad to say that it's over! HUMONGO thanks to our sweet friends the Bartlings, Roebucks, and the Stricklands for coming to our rescue. What great friends we have!!!

Now onto bigger and better things! :)

*P.S. I'm convinced that Zoe (my little Yorkie) only lived because I had her in her purse and buckled in. Jimmy always mad fun of me for doing this, but I know she would have been in puppy heaven had I not. So buckle up every living thing in your car ;)


Hayley said...

Amen sista!

Karen Mikols said...


Hope you're recovering honey!

Cristina said...

I hope you are feeling better. We should meet for coffee once you're feeling up to it.


Heather said...

Oh thank you! I'm so blessed to have such sweet friends who think of me and wish me well :)


ksenija said...

Heather!!! I didn't know you were in a car accident!? i am so sorry to hear that but SO happy to hear that you all are okay! don't know what happen but I do know that the best medicine is plenty of rest & takin' it easy!!! I hope you are feeling better!