Christmas Card Designs

Click on the images to see the designs larger

Okay y'all here are the '07 Christmas Card designs. Each is numbered. The ones that are designed for front and back have the same number.

Pick which design number you like and I'll add your images to it.

CLICK HERE to see the slide show


ksenija said...

heather! these are AWESOME! you rock!!! i love the text & wording you incorporated throughout, as well. just beautiful. i can't believe it is already holiday time, but i sure do love this time of year!

Karen Mikols said...

SIGN ME UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE them!

Anonymous said...
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Jessamyn Harris said...

heather, these are gorgeous! next year I'm all 'bout it... this year I haven't had time to focus on portraits.
I'm subscribing to your blog, great work!

Tracy Bohannan said...

Thanks so much for your awesome designs!