This is a must read :)

so every now and then I search the web for a little inspiration for my designs as well as photography. But not always at other photographers blogs, or even other invitation designs, many times I look at interiors- furniture, fabrics, and textures for inspiration. Look what I found today...
Saweet Sofa
Do you know what this sofa says to me? "I'm authentic, I'm creative, I'm different, and LOOK AT ME." "Don't put me in a box." You can't buy this sofa at Rooms to Go it's a one of a kind.

$3000 may seem like a hefty price for this piece....but you see it's a piece of art. It becomes a part of you. Can you imagine what people will say when they come to your home? It makes a statement and whether or not your guests like it they will be impressed and they will enjoy it. It's fun to look at! And in the future more than likely your children may have it. It probably won't have this same orange fabric but perhaps something that is a little more fitting. So in 30 years $3000 doesn't seem like as much money considering all the use you got out of it, and considering it's still being used.

This is exactly what I hope my images and designs say to you. Now don't get me wrong there is a definite place for simplicity. I equally enjoy simplicity with a touch of pizazz. And like to some how incorporate both. But my hope is that many people will enjoy your images for years to come. They look at your art and say "wow" not "oh" bore. Don't be afraid to pick that different print where you're not looking into the lens. Don't feel like you have to have ivory invitations. You can't get these at a "Rooms to Go" they are a reflection of you, not just YOU but your style your appreciation for photography, your love for detail. Be different, be authentic.

note: looking in the lens images, and ivory paper is wonderful too! But when in doubt don't be afraid.

I heard a pastor speaking with other pastors and he said "People should either love your sermon or hate your sermon>" If they leave saying "oh that was nice" you've not done your job well.


Donna said...

I think that sofa would be "saweet" in your front room!

Heather said...

oh my my Donna I happen to agree with you :) Hmmmm....how to sell it to my husband. I may need some advice on this one.