anders and amanda wed!

My favorite candid shot of the day. This is Amanda and her father just moments before walking down the aisle.

I just love the movement in this image. She's on her way... What a fabulous wedding. I knew this wedding would be because Amanda's got great taste. I could see the love between them...it was a really sweet thing to witness. They allowed me to shoot things the way that I saw them. Amanda was so laid back and completely trusted me, and Anders was so patient. It really made for some amazing images. Thank you Anders and Amanda you were such a pleasure!

I love your comments!!!


Cristina said...

Heather, this is my favorite wedding you have done. You seem to outdo yourself every time.

I LOVE it. I must have watched the slideshow 3 times!


Anonymous said...


As always, these pictures are absolutely stunning. The more I look through your blog, the more I fall in love with your work!


Henrik said...

One word: Fantastic....

Heather said...

aww thank so much for the kind words guys...they really mean so much to me!

Angela Anderson Photography said...

You need to post larger photographs. Asap. These are merely thumbnails! They need to be large to really pack a punch. Great work, just want to see it bigger!!


Mandy/Mandy Hank Photography said...

Beautiful, awesome work! :)