some thoughts

So I thought I might use this blog for more than just sneak peeks. It's also a blog about me and you. Why you chose me, why I hope you choose me...I wake up every morning praising God that He continues to bless me through this business. I am so in love with my job! I have learned a lot about myself through photography. I continue to work with kind, excited, trusting clients and I'm so very blessed by all of you whom I've worked with. Sorry I know this is kinda sappy. I think it's so very important to express the way we appreciate those around us, this is something I've not always been good at because I'm not good at being sappy (ask my super romantic sweet husband! :)
I want you all to know why I'm a photographer, and why I shoot the way I do. I have always been so interested in the good in people. Their relationships, why they are they way they are. Photography allows me to capture these amazing elements between people. Not only do I get to take your picture but I get to meet you, get to know you, and make great friends. I love becoming friends with all of you!! I push myself so much to see things differently at each session, to be as creative as possible through the use of light, angles, posing, and in post editing. Which in tern means that I make art out of you- my subject. I want you to have a piece of art on your wall that's personal, there's a place for a Target print in every home, but how great is it to have your home be as personal as possible. My idea of art is anything interesting, thought provoking, and beautiful. My goal is achieved when someone walks into your home and says "Wow that 's a neat picture, wait... is that you!?"
I'm most inspired by fashion photography. I think it's beautiful for all the reasons stated above, light, posing, and post editing. I believe that anyone and everyone can look like they belong in a magazine with the right direction. I think this inspiration, and the ability to also capture people how they are in everyday life is what brings my business balance. I never want to be too much of one thing. That's why I'm so passionate about letting kids be kids. Well thank you for reading this far. And thank you for allowing me to do what I love. I hope it gives you insight into why I am the way I am :) Your comments are welcome.


Kelly said...

Looks like you have been mighty busy. All your work is beautiful. You are a wonderful artist. Everyone around you is privleged you share your talent. K

Jim said...

you are amazing baby! ...and sappier then you let on