Happy accidents

Meet Anders and Amanda, two super kind people who will be getting married at the Dallas Art Museum on Sept. 15! This was my first time shooting in Dallas so needless to say I was overwhelmed but totally up for the challenge . When I arrived I was informed that Anders forgot his suite coat and had to pick it up at a near by hotel. Plans changed and I was set to meet them at the hotel....many wrong terns later I gave up on finding this Hotel that just happens to be one of the tallest in Dallas (how I could not find it is beside me.) The sun was disappearing behind the huge buildings and we were on a serious time crunch. So instead of meeting at the hotel we got started in deep elm at the gypsy tea room. They were so good about trusting me with the location. We had just enough light to shoot here....and then the sun was gone. Now I'm shooting in the pitch dark. "Hmmmm how is this going to work?" I love night shots but usually I know what locations have the right kind of light I need to shoot with. My assistant had to hold my cell phone near Amanda's face just so I could see to focus. Ha!! The things we do to get the shot. It turned out to be an awesome shoot, and they even came to Fort Worth so we could get some day shots. Thanks for the awesome adventure Amanda and Anders!


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