I had so much fun shooting Kris and Hayley's engagements! They were up for anything which I love because I always have all these right brained ideas. I can put my clients in some interesting spots just for a great shot. They let me shoot them in this old warehouse in Fort Worth, now I would not go to this place by myself but Kris was there to protect us. I really love getting to know each of my clients on a personal level.... it seems we become friends so quickly and that's the part I absolutely love about my job!

Thank you Kris and Hayley.
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Kelly said...

These are absolutely beautiful and you are an amazing photog!!!

Jessica Del Vecchio said...

Beautiful images, Heather! I absolutely adore the 2nd one! Gorgeous, creative and fabulous!

Hayley said...

Kris and I love them all!! How will we choose?!?